About The Web Site

The web site content was originally edited and stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database using a custom application written in C++ and .NET. The same application automatically generated the HTML which was then uploaded to the host server using the FileZilla FTP client.

In 2013 I migrated the application code to the Qt development framework, and the Sqlite database engine. Qt and Sqlite are open source - hence free - and support cross platform development.

The web site has been tested with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. The content is written in simple HTML with a custom style sheet and limited use of Javascript. By keeping it simple I hope to avoid issues of browser incompatibility.


All photos and text on this web site are, unless stated otherwise, copyright Leif Goodwin and may not be used without permission. I am usually happy to allow charities including nature trusts to use images free of charge. If you wish to use one or more images please contact me at the following address:


I may also be contacted using the feedback form.

Web Host

This web site is hosted by Storm Internet.